Posted by: Kori Ellis | July 9, 2009

How to Preserve Your Wedding Cake Top Tier

My Pink Apron in North York.

My Pink Apron in North York.

If you into wedding traditions, you will undoubtedly want to save the top tier of your wedding cake to share with your husband on your first anniversary. When preserving your cake, keep in mind that all cakes are not created equal. Cakes with whipped cream or fresh fruit filling won’t last compared to fondant icing, chocolate cake or carrot cake.

Assign a Cake Monitor
At your wedding reception, make sure the caterer (or whoever is handling the cake) knows to set aside the top tier. Ask your maid of honor or your bridesmaid to be responsible to make sure the tier gets home.

Prep for Freezing
Before freezing, remove sugar flowers and other adornments. Chill the cake overnight in the cake box before wrapping it. This will help set the icing so it won’t stick to the wrap.

Wrap It Up
The next day, wrap the cake in three layers plastic wrap. Don’t use aluminum foil. Place the wrapped cake inside an air-tight freezer bag. Put in safe spot in the freezer.

The night before your anniversary, unwrap the cake and place in the refrigerator to defrost. Enjoy your cake with your hubby after your anniversary meal.

Or, if all of this is too much trouble, just go out for cheesecake.

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