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Wedding Planning 101: 5 Best Sources for Your Wedding

You have a ring on your finger. Congratulations. Now what? Planning your wedding should not be stressful, it should be fun. It should be easy. To help you plan your perfect wedding, I have listed the 5 Best Sources for everything you need to make your wedding day the best it can be. From The Dress, The Venue, The Reception, Catering, and The Invitation.

The Dress:

The Dress. You have probably dreamed of your wedding day and the dress since you can remember. You know what fabric you want it to be. You know if it’s going to be short-sleeved, or long-sleeved with lace or silk. You know the silhouette. The neckline. You know even the smallest details about your wedding dress. And now it’s time to look for it. Traditionally, brides have always gone from one bridal boutique to another, and try on a million dresses before finding the right one. Finding your dress shouldn’t be that stressful. Like your wedding day, it should be a fun experience.

Traditionally, you had to drive around town to find your perfect dress. But now, there’s a service available that showcases all the wedding dresses you can find in the country, and where you can find it. It’s called Dressfinder.  You can find your wedding dress, your bridal parties dresses, and your mom’s dress for your special day. Finding your dream dress has never been easier! features 12, 000 dresses on their site, from 169 Collections available in Canada.

The Venue:

Finding the perfect place to celebrate your wedding day is one of the most important part of your wedding planning. Be it a fairytale castle or a quiet and tucked away country barn, finding the venue will take you months to do: you need to do your research, visit the venues, ask for prices, check availability and start planning the ceremony and reception you have always wanted. Booking the venue needs to be done months in advance, so you need as much a head-start as you possibly can. is your best source for finding your perfect venue. Wedding wire lists out 97 vendors for you to choose from. They provide detailed information about the location, the number of guests, and lets you request pricing without going to the venue. They also have plenty of pictures for you to look at to give you an idea of what the venue could look like on your wedding day.


Cecil Green Park House. Source: Randal Kurt Photography

The Reception:

Some brides prefer separating their wedding venue, and their wedding reception. And that is perfectly fine. Though, it will be another thing you have to worry about. You want the reception to have a big enough dance floor for the after party to accommodate everyone. You want it to be big enough for dinner tables. For the bar. The DJ. I get it. is a good source for this. She lists out all of the available locations, complete with a bit of information about the venue, and pictures so that you see what it could be.


Sky Hangar. Source: Jamie Delaine Photography

The Catering:

You’ve booked your venue, your reception, and now you worry about the food you’re going to serve your guests who are surely starving at this point. Catering can sometimes be costly, and you need someone who can produce beautifully presented and delicious cuisine. Now, I would suggest visiting as many caterers as possible and try all the food they can offer to make sure that your needs are fulfilled on your special day. But you need to start somewhere. is your source for all your catering needs. They have a list so extensive, they go all the way to the Fraser Valley.



The Invitation:

You’re going to send hundreds of these invitation cards, so it has to be perfect. You want the invitation to be a representation of you, your fiance, your theme, your love, and what they should expect on your wedding day. The typography, the design, and all the small details matter in a wedding invitation so you have to choose carefully who you ask to create it for  you. You want them to be collaborative, to listen to your ideas, and make them into a reality. do amazing, creative, custom wedding stationery. They guide you through the whole process, custom design everything, and everything is hand made.


Source: I’ll Know It When I See It

Happy Planning!



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5 Indoor Ceremony Venues in the Lower Mainland

Fall can be a beautiful time of year to say ‘I do’: there is beauty everywhere as the leaves start to change colour, and the crispness of the air can be invigorating. Of course, fall also means that the temperature begins to dip, and so it can be a good idea plan an indoor affair for this time of year.

Indoor reception venues are fairly easy to find, since most people host their wedding receptions indoors. Ceremony venues, on the other hand, can be a bit harder to find. With this in mind, we’ve found 5 Lower Mainland indoor wedding ceremony locations for weddings of all sizes.

1.  Fairmont Pacific Rim Vancouver | Hotel Elegance

The Fairmont Pacific Rim in Vancouver offers a few options in terms of indoor spaces for your wedding ceremony. The room below offers a modern feel for a small to medium sized wedding. The beauty of these spaces is that the feel can be changed entirely by adding your own décor and draping.

indoor wedding ceremony at Fairmont Pacific Rim Vancouver.

The Fairmont Pacific Rim offers an elegant indoor ceremony location.
Photo credit: D’Soleil Photography. See the rest of this real wedding here.

2. Celebrations Pavilion in Queen Elizabeth Park | Outdoor Feel

The Celebration Pavilion in Queen Elizabeth Park is an excellent option for those that would like to bring the outdoors in. Thanks to bright openings, the covered ceremony location offers wonderful views while keeping you and your guests dry no matter the weather.

Indoor ceremony venue at Celebration Paviliion in Queen Elizabeth Park in Vancouver

Photo via Wedding Obsession | Photography credit: Jamie Delaine Photography

3. Kirkland House | Rustic Barn Ceremony

How better to celebrate a rustic theme than in a barn setting? The Harris Barn at Kirkland House in Ladner offers amazingly high ceilings that have the ability to make you forget that you are indoors!

Indoor wedding ceremony venue at Kirkland House in Ladner.

A rustic indoor wedding ceremony option. Photo via Shari & Mike Photographers. See the full wedding here.

4. The Vancouver Golf Club | Warm & Elegant

The Vancouver Golf Club in Coquitlam offers a spacious indoor wedding venue location. The grounds are beautiful and the wood accents of the room have a definite West-Coast feel.

Indoor wedding ceremony venue in Coquitlam at The Vancouver Golf Club

The stone fireplace makes a beautiful backdrop for a wedding ceremony.

Photo via Photography by Will Pursell Photography.

5. Vancouver Art Gallery | Opulent Art-Deco

The Vancouver Art Gallery offers a grand location for your indoor wedding ceremony. The staircase & light fixtures add dramatic impact, which is exactly what you would expect from a beautiful art gallery, wouldn’t you say?

Indoor wedding ceremony venue at the Vancouver Art Gallery

The Vancouver Art Gallery offers an elegant, art-deco feel for your wedding ceremony. Photo via WedLuxe. Photography by Leanne Pedersen Photographers.

Still looking for a few more ideas? Take a look at the results of this google search for “Indoor Ceremony Venues Vancouver” here.

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Sneak Peak: Spring 2013 Alyne Bridal Gowns!

We love this time of year…the weather is crisp and fresh, the leaves are brilliant shades of orange and red and best of all, it’s fashion week in New York!  That means the latest and greatest in wedding wear for 2013 will be unveiled.  Fashion greats like Vera Wang, Romona Keveza, Marchesa etc. will be unleashing what brides everywhere will be wearing next year.

As a true hearted Canadian, I thought it would most appropriate to draw your attention to another one of those fabulous designers that is on display in New York this week, Rita Vinieris.  Rita is the inspiration behind the Rivini Collection and the lower priced sister to the famous Rivini line, Alyne.

Alyne wedding dresses offer the same exquisite tailoring as seen in Rivini wedding dresses but their less complicated fabrics allow for a more affordable price point which makes them accessible to all.  Rita’s approach to bridal designs is quite simply put clean.  She likes a no frills approach to wedding dresses and her designs embody just that, elegance through simplicity.

A lower price point is a fantastic selling feature but what’s important to remember is that RitaVinieris has not comprised her forward thinking designs in the name of price.  You can not only get the look that you want and deserve on your wedding day but you can also do it at a reasonable cost.

If that isn’t enough to warrant a second look,  Alyne is designed by a Canadian in Canada!  That’s right, Rita Vinieris is a Canadian designer based in Toronto.

Congratulations to Rita and the Rivini group on a fabulous 2013 line.  We absolutely LOVE the new Alyne gowns for Spring 2013 and can’t wait for more….

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How to go green with your Vancouver wedding registry

It is well known that, going green with a wedding registry can mean a lot of things – going local, going healthy, going chemical-free and going safe for the planet.  The part that is little known is that, going green with a wedding registry also means you’ll get the most unique, fun and highly cared for products on the market – and it won’t be a dime more expensive, or take a minute longer than directing your invites to a major retailer. 

Sustainable gift registries and ideas are out there, and it only takes a little bit of effort for the planet-minded brides and grooms-to-be to find them. Yes, it may mean splitting up gift registries into categories of different stores, and yes, it may be an online-only thing, which grandma may have trouble with (until you teach her the modern meaning of ‘mouse’). But is it worth it?

Boy, is it ever! 

Green doesn’t have to be more expensive, and in fact the quality and sustainable specialties of green brands are just as prestigious as going high-end on your wedding registry.  For example, the gift registry at Shoo-Foo Eco Linens offers bamboo towels and bedding that are breathable, stay fresh longer, hang like cashmere, shine like silk and are probably the softest material you’ve ever felt in your life!  Sensitive skin will especially appreciate their hypoallergenic qualities, and luxury seekers will love the 300-thread count of the bedding set, plus the 600 grams per square meter of the towels. They’ve got it all from robes to face clothsshower mats, gym towels and of course, a huge bath sheet! (plus more!).

They are local and have the certifications to prove their sustainability. It’s a great place to start a gift registry for wedding showers, stagettes and rehearsal dinners that are all about being environmentally friendly and gifting with organic sources. 

Then there are companies like Cookworks, a local Vancouver kitchenware store. While they may not be pushing the green side of their marketing efforts, brides can rest knowing that at least they offer high quality items that won’t be polluting the earth to get to your door, since they are local.  

Another great option would be requests for fine art gifts (a great investment scheme), to support your local art community.  In fact, Vancouver’s Jacana Art Gallery is stepping onto the wedding scene as an art gallery with a bridal speciality; couples can now book the sleek-looking space and customize the art decor for their reception or ceremony, plus request a gift registry there. 

Finally, for lovebirds who already have all the household necessities, thinking outside the box will eliminate the need for boring cash envelopes.  Consider asking for experience gifts, like a gourmet kayaking trip from Edible British Columbia. Or perhaps a rafting trip or some other fear-defying activity, perfect for learning the true meaning of “till death do us part.”

Registries are a great way to ensure your gifts are green by directing your guests to the items you specifically want.  While there are more green companies out there offering gifts that would be perfect for weddings, often they can only offer one-of-a-kind items, or are not set up for keeping a registry over a long period of time.  In cases like this, be sure to mix up your wedding gift requests, being open to what may arrive from the green sources without official gift registries, and being particular with the green stores that can well-manage your inventory of goodies-to-come!

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Second-handed Brides

Planning a wedding in today’s economic environment can be difficult to say the least.  Weddings are an expensive event and when times are tough, weddings get even pricier.  One great way to help alleviate some of the wedding costs is to source out previously used items for your event.  Everything from decor to your bridal gown can be purchased second-hand through a multitude of Canadian wedding classifieds that make your search not only fruitful but also fun.  After all, half the fun is in the search, right? 

Many brides feel that they just can’t wear someone else’s wedding gown and as a result purchasing a used wedding dress becomes completely out of the question.  But, think about it this way.  Someone tried this dress on once for a few hours…that’s all.  She didn’t wear it continuously for days and days and then gave it to you to wear.  It is barely used.  Also, think that the person that tried this dress on for a few hours once paid thousands of dollars for that privilege.  You, in turn, will pay a considerable amount less for the privilege of wearing this dress for a few hours more.  Isn’t the money saved worth sharing this dress experience with another happy individual?

The bottom line is wedding dresses are extremely expensive and used wedding gowns are an excellent way to help with this one huge wedding expense.  In most cases, the groom will be wearing a rented tux; so, why can’t the bride wear a rented gown or even a used one?

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Letterpress Invitations are Back in Style

Surprisingly, it’s a process that has been around for over 550 years. The process called the Guttenberg letterpress is crawling back into the wedding invitation norm.


So, what does letterpress look like? Letterpress is often confused with expensive engraved wedding invitations because both processes result in elegant embossed surfaces. Engraved invitations are recessed and inked, while letterpress results in raised letters that are also inked.

Papillon Press – An introduction to letterpress printing from Papillon Press on Vimeo.

Since engraved invitations use an etching panel, the results are somewhat limited and plain. The letterpress process enables the printer to be considerably more creative. Textured papers and varied backgrounds may be used with letterpress. Letterpress is an involved process and usually expensive.

The bride must decide if she wants to fit the extra cost of letterpress wedding invitations into her budget. But if you ‘re still researching wedding invitation ideas, I woudl highly reccomend taking a closer look. The paper for letterpress wedding invitations can be quite stunning. A few choices available are imported textured paper from England, textured papers that use silk ribbon, dried grasses and flowers and flecks of gold.

Here are some more great example from Papillon Letterpress, more on their website.

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Wedding Money Boxes getting Stylish

This is not your grandmother’s moneybox! More and more couples are preferring cash gifts these days – probably because carrer-oriented brides and grooms already own most of the household items they will require. The market is responding by providing a greater variety of styles and ready-to-purchase products, online and offline. Check out these elegant wedding money boxes – they would look perfect anywhere!

The Traditionalist

Elegant wedding money box

Nothing ultra-modern here… just classic elegant styling, leaning towards the ornate

The Minimalist

This is rather more spartan. Clean lines, less decoration and embellishments, this money box would look more at home in an urban-style wedding – perhaps in a Gallery?

The.. “Ornamentalist”?

Well, there will be no doubt, that this was at a wedding 🙂 Wouldn’t this look great at your receiving table though? The money box woudl be effectively be part of the decor..

Cinderella Bride

For your fairytale wedding! Especially intimate affairs.. not too big, but definitely makes a statement!

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What you Need to Know about Shopping U.S. Wedding Webstores

We routinely hear of horror stories from Canadian brides who ordered those perfect wedding favours from some U.S. store, over the Internet (only they were called “favors” there, lol) and then actually dropped the order, or got into a lengthy email argument with someone, because when the package arrived it was late, it was held by customs, it was held by UPS, and finally an extra bill, more than the actual value of the order itself appeared as well.

Remember: U.S. sites may very well be considerably cheaper sometimes (or simply stock items you can not find here, in Canada) but at the end of the day you are “importing” the stuff – same as if you drove across the border and bought somethign you need to declare when crossing back into Canada.

Sometimes it is worth the effort, sometimes it is not. As a general rule, your wedding package from the U.S. will

  • Need to clear customs: not just to pay “import tax”, but also because it needs to be checked! Just because it says “wedding favours” in it, doesn’t mean that’s what’s inside, yes?
  • Possibly be charged “brokerage fees”: Why? Because someone has to physically be there and clear your package. Usually some UPS staff, if that’s how it was shipped. So UPS will charge you for their time,dealing with Canadian customs.

There are exceptions to these rules. “Workarounds” woudl be a better word. For example

  • If you’re paying for “express” service, most times the courrier company will actually include all this in their pricey express fee. So you still pay it, but you need not deal with it again, in Canada
  • Some sites build some of those charges in the shopping cart, so you can pay it upfront, when you buy the items and so know how much it will be – no surprises!
  • There are specialised services in the U.S. that will “fake” a U.S. address for you. In other words, you are actually shipping to their warehouse and they bulk ship to you. Of course this costs more too, but if you’re buying from many different vendors, it may make sense to consolidate the shipments.

In the end, it may make more sense to simply stick with Canadian wedding e-stores. Keep it simple! The selections is definitely comparable and the hassles are minimal. Either way, if you have found something and you’re wondering whether you should go ahead and order or not, read this first. It is a handy little guide, explaining a lot of these things and listing some interesting options. It also has a pretty comprehensive list of wedding stores, most of them Canadian.


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Wedding Flower Options 

Flowers are the easiest way to spruce up any wedding.  From colour to fragrance, flowers have you covered.  They can be used in the ceremony and reception decor plus, all the bridal bouquets are traditionally made of flowers.  With this in mind, how do you pick the right wedding flowers for your special day?  As with all things bridal, there are a few tried and true stems that are synonymous with weddings and that you will never go wrong with.  Here’s a shortlist of the most popular wedding flowers:

1.  Roses – no surprise here!  Roses are the definition of romance; so, using them at a wedding is very appropriate.  Roses, too, are great because they can be used in all aspects of the day from the ceremony to the reception and all the bouquets, corsages and boutonnieres.  Very versatile!

2.  Daisies – their simple elegance is truly breathtaking.  They are a flower which symbolizes purity and innocence.  They come in a wide variety of colours, are fairly inexpensive and can be used in formal weddings as well as in backyard nuptials.

3.  Hydrangeas – brilliant blues, pretty pinks, or elegant whites.   These buds are full-bodied and colourful.  They are perfect for monochromatic bouquets, they work well in ceremony and reception arrangements but due to their size, do not work as boutonnieres or corsages.

4.  Hyacinth – how sweet the smell!  Fragrant and pretty in pink, blue or white, hyacinths are beautiful in multi-flower arrangements but can also be used alone.  They work in bridal bouquets and in table arrangements but their short stems limit them to short arrangements.  They are also not suitable as boutonniers or corsages.

5.  Calla Lily – elegant trumpet like flower that is perfect for weddings as its appearance alone appears as though the wedding is being heralded by trumpets.  They are a perfect stand-alone flower but work well with other flowers as well.  Calla Lilies can be used throughout the wedding and are fairly easy to work with.  Great news for the do-it-yourselfer!

Regardless of what flower you choose as your main wedding bud, make sure to get expert advise on storage, durability, longevity issues as each flower reacts differently when cut and arranged.  While some flowers, like tulips, are long-lasting, others, like roses, end up looking sloppy when they sit for too long.  Visit some floral shops to get some wedding flower ideas and inspiration for your big day’s special buds!

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Your Wedding, Your Way……/make-a-grand-entrance/

What makes a wedding special and memorable?  The couple usually sets the tone as does the venue, the decor and the food etc.  There is however, that undefinable something that makes certain weddings stand out much more than many of their counterparts.  What is that something and how can everyone get it?

Well, part of making your day extra special is to include some great wedding ideas that many people have not seen yet at a wedding and that will add an extra element of decor or entertainment to your event. 

Finding these unique ideas makes the end result all the more special.  For example, we recently came across an article about  a company that does 3D sculptures of the bride and groom.  These sculptures can be used as centrepieces or as statues at the entrance.  Now, that’s something you don’t see everyday!

Maybe statues are not your thing or maybe you don’t have the budget for something like that.  You can add personality to your wedding by simply taking something traditional and jazzing it up.  For example,  you can have your wedding party dance down the aisle or  you and your spouse can break out into a well choreographed first dance instead of a traditional waltz?

The important thing to keep in mind when planning your wedding is that the day is not just about having all the “t”s crossed and “i”s dotted.  It’s about creating an event that speaks to your guests and to you and tells everyone that they are celebrating a moment not just attending a dinner.  Create an event that resonates in your guests’ minds long after the day is over.  Your wedding, your way…..

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